About Us

DemoBot is about bringing all smart technologies and smart professionals together to provide the best buyer experience solution.

DemoBot was cofounded by Vinay Ubale and Santosh Sahoo who previously worked together at Microsoft. DemoBot team has decades on technology experience working for the top Fortune 100 companies, which they are able to leverage in building this exceptional platform.

DemoBot empowers sales team to solve their largest challenges in B2B sales by giving a personalized buyer experience to each stakeholder in the buying group and thus speeding up their purchasing decision. It achieves this by also providing them with smart highly interactive video demos that can adapt to their roles or unique interests. This results in getting their immediate engagement and answer basic questions without any need for sales team interaction.

DemoBot enables Sellers and Buyers to have a continued and seamless engagement throughout the sales cycle by removing all barriers and silos and at the same create advocates within the Buyer community.

At DemoBot, we embrace a highly productive and flexible workplace environment allowing all team members to work remotely and meet in person as needed. We believe that employees are the most productive when they achieve a balance between their personal and professional life, and this flexible environment allows them to make the most out of it.

Our mission is to provide B2B organizations with the best buyer experience platform which contributes in their strategic growth.